M. A. Melby is a former physics instructor.  She is married and has two small children.  She has been involved in various creative work such as visual art, poetry, flash fiction and experimental music and noise.

She was published in an anthology of stories titled, Atheist Voices of Minnesota.

Her writing represents her own views and should not be considered a reflection of her employer or anyone else.  She is not acting as an authority or representative of scientific consensus.

This is simply a place to rant and think about various issues.  I am a big fan of the free market place of ideas.  Please feel free to comment!

HJ Hornbeck is a general-purpose ne’er-do-well. He spends most of his time trying to outsmart himself or asleep. Barring the occasional nap break, he is a world-champion lurker and reluctant coder.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. litoraptor said:

    I’ve been trying to get in touch with one of the moderators of the Blockbot, but I’ve been unable to do so…since most of them have me blocked! My twitter handle is @litoraptor. Could you please take me off the Blockbot? People do grow and change, and the current system of the Blockbot doesn’t take that into account. Also, I have had a locked account for nearly two years (hence my inability to tweet to any of the moderators), which means I absolutely do not have any interactions with people who don’t follow me. As a staunch supporter of BLM, I am thoroughly disheartened to see that I’m blocked by all major activists. I’m a grad student, and a WoC, who has written extensively on Third World feminism. But I don’t think I should have to wave my credentials every time I have an opinion. I’ll really appreciate it if you take me off the Blockbot. Thanks.

  2. I do not see that account listed on the Block Bot.

  3. litoraptor said:

    Could you please check again? My handle was formerly feministbrown. I appreciate your time. Thanks.

  4. litoraptor said:

    Any updates?


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