This is a fascinating read, where Peter Montgomery tries to explain why a popular sect of devout Christians is endorsing a loud, crude, and remarkably unreligious person. The line really nailed me:

After spending 20 years of watching the religious right, I’ve learned that you cannot really look for logical consistency across the movement or even within individual leaders of the movement. 

And this is worth quoting too:

They do not want to grapple with [Hillary Clinton’s religion] at all, no. You don’t see a lot of religious right leaders acknowledging her lifelong commitment as a Christian, as a member of the United Methodist Church, even though it’s very much out there. A lot of the religious right leaders, when they say “Christian,” they don’t really mean all Christians. They’re talking about a subset of Christians that share both their theological worldview and their right-wing politics. 

But there’s a lot more where that came from. The range of reasons are vast, which I find heartening. It smells of desperation.