A fascinating article on Donald Trump’s worldview popped up a few days ago. A lot of it can be traced back to the activism of a single person, William Lind.

According to Lind, “cultural Marxism” is Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms (whatever that’s supposed to mean.) Lind’s narrative goes like this — that after the initial success of the Russian Revolution, the Bolsheviks got bogged down and failed to take other countries — such as Germany. So, a small school of Jewish Marxist intellectuals, the Frankfurt School, came up with a neat answer — the revolution hadn’t spread because the culture wasn’t receptive enough. First, you had to change the culture.

You had to destroy conventional morality and religion — especially Christianity — and undermine other existing cultural institutions. Above all, you had to promote “political correctness”, the slavish privileging of the feelings of just about any identity group except white European-American Christians (especially male) and you had to push multiculturalism, the notion that all cultures are all equally valid. Both of those serve to demolish existing standards, so nobody — or everybody — is right and baseline truth no longer exists.

And you had to bring in a flood of immigrants so fast that they couldn’t properly assimilate — especially if they came from traditions very distinct from the American norm. All these things would destroy national cohesion and, eventually, the centrifugal forces would shatter the nation.

Then, the Marxists could just waltz in and take over, banish the dissenters to gulags and impose godless collectivism.

I’m not sure when Lind came up with it, but I know a 1994 article by him on “Fourth-Generational Warfare” points to an earlier one dating from 1989. These ideas hit the mainstream via Paul Weyrich’s open letter to conservatives in 1999.

it is impossible to ignore the fact that the United States is becoming an ideological state. The ideology of Political Correctness, which openly calls for the destruction of our traditional culture, has so gripped the body politic, has so gripped our institutions, that it is even affecting the Church. It has completely taken over the academic community. It is now pervasive in the entertainment industry, and it threatens to control literally every aspect of our lives.

Those who came up with Political Correctness, which we more accurately call “Cultural Marxism,” did so in a deliberate fashion. I’m not going to go into the whole history of the Frankfurt School and Herbert Marcuse and the other people responsible for this. Suffice it to say that the United States is very close to becoming a state totally dominated by an alien ideology, an ideology bitterly hostile to Western culture. Even now, for the first time in their lives, people have to be afraid of what they say. This has never been true in the history of our country. Yet today, if you say the “wrong thing,” you suddenly have legal problems, political problems, you might even lose your job or be expelled from college. Certain topics are forbidden. You can,t approach the truth about a lot of different subjects. If you do, you are immediately branded as “racist”, “sexist”, “homophobic”, “insensitive”, or “judgmental.”

Which immediately reminded me of Richard Dawkins, circa 1998.

Notwithstanding the egg all over their faces, and despite their feminist pretensions, these editors are dominant males in the academic establishment. Ross has the boorish, tenured confidence to say things like, “I am glad to be rid of English departments. I hate literature, for one thing, and English departments tend to be full of people who love literature”; and the yahooish complacency to begin a book on ‘science studies’ with these words: “This book is dedicated to all of the science teachers I never had. It could only have been written without them.”

He and his fellow ‘cultural studies’ and ‘science studies’ barons are not harmless eccentrics at third-rate state colleges. Many of them have tenured professorships at some of the best universities in the United States. Men of this kind sit on appointment committees, wielding power over young academics who might secretly aspire to an honest academic career in literary studies or, say, anthropology. I know — because many of them have told me — that there are sincere scholars out there who would speak out if they dared, but who are intimidated into silence. To them, Sokal will appear as a hero, and nobody with a sense of humour or a sense of justice will disagree.

I’d heard of “cultural Marxism” before, but it wasn’t because I’d studied the Religious Right; it was because atheists and skeptics kept mentioning it. It’s a common belief among the alt-right. It also happens to invoke a familiar boogey-personideology.

The most immediate challenger is Islam, and here the challenge is not likely to be peaceful. Islam is today expanding outward in every direction from its traditional heartland: south into black Africa, east into Southeast Asia and the Philippines, north into Europe. And also West: the fastest-growing religion in the United States is Islam.

Islam’s thrust northward into Europe, the heartland of Western culture, is worth a closer look. Islamic immigration into France has been so massive as to reverse the verdict of the battle of Tours; southern France now has more mosques than churches. North African immigrants are now pouring similarly into Spain. In the Balkans, Moslem aid, including weapons and fighters, is flowing into Bosnia. Islamic states realize, as we do not, that the Bosnian Moslems are strategically on the offensive, beginning a new Islamic thrust toward the Danube. Most disastrous for the West is the situation in the former Soviet Union. There, our entire flank from the Black Sea to Vladivostok is collapsing under Moslem (and further east, Chinese) pressure.

Yep: the cultural Marxism conspiracy theory holds that while feminists and social justice warriors are “attacking” Judeo-Christian Culture the United States from within, Muslims are attacking it from without. This makes them birds of a feather. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before in atheist circles.

Yet again, we have an example of atheists and skeptics promoting Religious Right propaganda, which was exactly what the “paleoconservatives” hoped would happen.

We will use guerrilla tactics to undermine the legitimacy of the dominant regime…

We must create a countervailing force that is just as adept as the Left at intimidating people and institutions that are used as tools of left-wing activism but are not ideologically committed, such as Hollywood celebrities, multinational corporations, and university administrators. We must be feared, so that they will think twice before opening their mouths…

We will be results-oriented rather than good intentions-oriented. Making a good-faith effort and being ideologically sound will be less important than advancing the goals of the movement…