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On April 4th, 2013, protesters gathered at the University of Toronto to protest a meeting by CAFE, Canada’s biggest Men’s Rights group. As expected, things got heated, but one person in particular stood out. She was well-dressed, with dyed hair, and was shouting out a list of feminist talking points. “Big Red,” as she was nicknamed, was a perfect match for the straw feminist many MRAs believe in and quickly became a meme and a favorite punching bag.

After three years of trying to keep a low profile, the death threats and hate directed her way had died down to manageable levels. Unfortunately, “Big Red” then made a fatal mistake: she got thirsty.

Not long ago, you see, Binx stopped by a government-run liquor store in the Toronto area to pick up a bottle of wine. A seemingly friendly employee offered her help.

In fact, he claimed later, he had recognized her from the internet, and was hoping to hear her speak to make sure she really was who he thought she was.

After she left, he somehow accessed the store’s surveillance footage, took a screenshot of her visit to the store, and put it up on Facebook.

“Big Red” had enough of laying low, and went to the press. The death threats started pouring in again. So Chanty Binx stepped further out of the shadows and took the next logical step.

Since law enforcement isn’t doing anything to help her, Chanty is left with only one legal option, hire a lawyer.

A message must be sent to these tormentors that they will be held accountable for the damage and suffering they continue to inflict upon Chanty. We need to raise $4,000 to help Chanty obtain legal counsel to fight against her tormentors. Please help end her abuse and help us show this abusive scum that they are accountable for their words and actions.

Help spread the word!

Done and done. Chip in a few bucks, if you can, or share the fundraiser around if you can’t.