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Are you a Linux Journal reader

I’ve flipped through that magazine a few times. Excellent articles, but I don’t do much sysadmin-ing nowadays.

or use software such as Tor and Tails Linux?

Yep and yep, though right now I’m considering playing around with Signal. Why are you asking, though?

If so, you’ve probably been flagged as an “extremist” by the NSA. Leaked documents related to the XKeyscore snooping program reveal that the agency is targeting anyone who is interested in online privacy, specifically those who use the aforementioned software and visit the Linux user community website.

…. Oh. Oh dear.

The program marks and tracks the IP addresses of those who search for ‘tails’ or ‘Amnesiac Incognito Live System’ along with ‘linux’, ‘ USB ‘,’ CD ‘, ‘secure desktop’, ‘ IRC ‘, ‘truecrypt’ or ‘ tor ‘. It also refers to the Tails Linux distribution as “a comsec mechanism advocated by extremists on extremist forums”.

[starts hyperventilating, rushes to bury his Kali Linux USB stick]