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I watched one of TJ Kirk‘s videos, once upon a time. All I can remember of it was a section where he pointed out the idea of patriarchy was nonsense, because there was no council of men plotting in a dark room. I suspect I blocked out the rest as a defense mechanism.

Anyway, Kirk’s currently enjoying some much-deserved time in the spotlight for being a bigoted asshat. While a number of people have aired their opinions, there’s really only one person you need to read on the matter: Martin Hughes.  I’ve mentioned his handiwork in passing, but it’s good enough to bring up explictly and in bold type. A brief moment of concern flashed by when I heard Hughes had a third article up; his first two were comprehensive and well-cited, so what on Earth was left to say?

Over the past few days, I’ve been addressed by thousands of supporters of The Amazing Atheist, had a four-hour conversation with The Amazing Atheist himself, watched a video he made addressing me directly, and watched a few other videos commenting on the whole exchange.

Oh shit, he actually tried to dive into the spaghetti sewer that is TJ Kirk’s brain, and pull out some advice for black people?!

Get your son or daughter educated, and when you see articles like this that say your kid will be as likely to get a job with a college degree as a white high school dropout, smile approvingly, because that’s the way it is and should be.  Or be ashamed by that statistics, because that’s the way you made it, black culture. Or better yet, ignore it. This may be difficult if you want your son or daughter to have a fair shot at life, so that desire is something you should get rid of, too. Just be happy for the white high school dropout, and stop caring so much about your kid being treated fairly. Life isn’t fair; accept it and stop complaining.

OMG, he’s nailed TJ’s views to a T!!

And don’t you dare look at any of the teachers when you find out that in preschool, as in at four years old, your child is going to be three times more likely to be suspended than a white child, black culture. No, you’re not allowed to say that has anything to do with racism — and, if you do, you should admit that this racism is your fault. And if it’s too hard for you to admit that this is all your fault — at least admit that the fact’s insignificant. It doesn’t make a goddamn difference — that is, if you’re not weak. If you don’t want to be part of TJ et al.’s victim cult, don’t ever believe bring shit like this up as if you have the slightest problem with it.

I’m declaring Martin Hughes the Pixar of social justice blogging: every sequel is better than the last! Spend some time on this third entry about TJ Kirk, and watch a master at work.

[HJH 2016-07-10] In addition to being racist, we can also call TJ Kirk a sniveling coward.

I jumped through hoops and figured out travel arrangements.

He also asked me to come up with a debate format. I came up with one that seemed fair, and presented to him. Then I waited for his confirmation before getting the plane ticket…

After waiting for his confirmation for several hours, he called it off.

His reason?

He stated that he would not defend the idea that he wasn’t racist in a debate. To be exact, though, the debate is not about whether HE is racist; it’s about whether the blanket statement “black culture is a victim cult” is racist.Which seems strange to me, as he defended it as not racist on his show without me there. But the moment I proposed answering back…he backed down.

It’s worth clicking through, just to see how far Martin Hughes was willing to bend, and how quickly TJ Kirk runs away from his own promises.