Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane.

Given that [intact dilation and extraction] was something like 0.17% of all abortion procedures in the USA, and used less often elsewhere, I dismissed the ban [on what anti-choicers renamed “partial birth abortion”] as a mere symbolic victory; instead, it was illustrative of how the anti-choice movement harms people in the pursuit of their fetus fetish, in this case traumatizing those mourning a miscarriage.

Right, so the demonization of intact dilation and extraction shows that many in the anti-choice movement are happy to deny those grieving a miscarriage a sense of closure. So you can imagine how badly my irony meter blew when I read this.

Last week, the Indiana state legislature quietly approved House Bill 1337, which, if signed, would radically restrict abortion access in the state by making procedures both more expensive and more intimidating. HB 1337 includes extreme measures that fall into the tired patterns of TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Provider) laws we’ve seen before. But this law is far more restrictive than most states’. […]

the bill would also require women to pay for either cremation or burial for the aborted fetus. Yes, you read that right. Women would be legally required to fund a funeral for the aborted fetus. If that isn’t just the perfect blend of emotional shaming and economic manipulation, I don’t know what is.

Giving people the option of a funeral? Bad.
Forcing people to pay for a funeral, whether they want it or not, even in case of miscarriage? Good.

“Anti-choice” is sooooo much more descriptive than “pro-life.”