Sometimes, life hands you the perfect postscript to an earlier post.

“Crisis Pregnancy Centres” (CPCs) are anti-choice agencies that present themselves as unbiased medical clinics or counselling centres, and whose ostensible goal is to provide women with non-judgemental information on all their options when faced with an unintended pregnancy. However, CPCs are not medical facilities, most are Christian ministries, they generally will not refer clients for abortion or contraception, and many promote misinformation such as the existence of “Post-abortion Syndrome,” which is not a medically recognized condition. CPCs in Canada are not currently regulated. […]

Our evaluation of the websites of 166 CPCs found that:

  • 96% (159) revealed a religious affiliation or agenda, but only 24% (39) were transparent and upfront about it.
  • 60% (99) did not have disclaimers that they don’t refer for abortion or contraception.
  • 48% (79) mentioned negative psychological consequences, primarily in the context of “Post-abortion Syndrome”, which is not medically recognized.
  • 33% (55) did not have disclaimers that they weren’t a medical facility and/or that clients should see a doctor for medical services.
  • 7% (12) claimed that artificial contraception is unreliable, while 5% (8) gave false or misleading information about contraception or sexually-transmitted infections.
  • At least 35% (59) offered a sex education program to youth or local schools and communities. Of those, at least 68% (40 of 59) were being offered to schools, including public schools.
  • Further, 68% of the 180 CPCs we identified (122) had charitable tax status.

Spreading medical misinformation and shaming people about sex is considered “charitable,” even in Canada. The full report’s here.