Don’t make medical judgements for others, please.

UK geneticist and entrepreneur Samantha Decombel was already making plans to speak at a European Commission (EC) conference in Brussels when she got an e-mail from the organizers, rescinding her invitation. By the time of the meeting in late November, Decombel would have been about seven months pregnant, and the organizer said the EC was concerned about health risks of travelling at that stage in her pregnancy. When she protested the EC’s decision in e-mails to the organizers and got delayed and unsatisfactory responses, she turned to social media — and sparked a flurry of replies.

Pregnancy is not a disability; people don’t shut down or become useless just because something is growing inside them.

Hiking MD with friend (PhD) at #7MonthsAwesome in 2001 Worked until I delivered with all 3 kids.

“I continued working in the autopsy suite… even after my bulging belly made it a challenge.” Working Stiff💀 p.250 #7MonthsAwesome

When I was 39 weeks pregnant, my car got a flat tyre so I changed it. Why? Because I could #7monthsawesome (technically 9 months awesome…)

Still launching weather balloons and forecasting 1 week prior to my due date! #7monthsawesome and then some!

Worked 4 ppi nominated station,invited to awards bash.even danced til the small hours-in heels.👍 #7monthsawesome

I did 6 international trips and two conferences in my #7monthsawesome. Never felt better