Some just happen to be more justice-oriented than others.

I maintain a list of college football sexual assault allegations. It started as a post on my sports blog in December 2013, and I’ve been updating it ever since. It is now a permanent link on the site’s sidebar. It currently has a little more than 110 cases on it, dating as far back as 1974.

This might not seem like a useful hobby, but

I had no idea at the time that sexual assault in sports, football especially, would remain at the forefront of a national conversation about violence against women, both within sports media and society at large. Now, almost two years later, we are still having it. This means the list—which is, as far as I know, the most comprehensive one that exists—gets a lot of traffic despite covering a narrow topic and population. It has been linked to repeatedly, it has been cited in academic work, and it gets tweeted out with commentary like, “Here’s a really depressing list,” “This is heartbreak,” and “wanna read something scary?” Journalists and investigative reporters have told me they used the list as a jumping off point for research they were doing on the topic.

Jessica Luther’s learned a few lessons from the list. I’ll provide no spoilers on that, but I will share her conclusion.

I haven’t updated the list since August. Maybe it’s time to do that. But I’ll probably put it off the way I normally do. When I decide finally to add new cases the list, I always have a whisper of words that skims the edge of my thoughts, “Just wait one more day in case a new case breaks; you can update then.”

I’m never wrong.