According to the Murfreesboro Post, Detective Tommy Roberts determined that 31-year-old Anna Yocca attempted to “self-abort” her pregnancy in September.

Police said that Yocca filled her bathroom tub with hot water, got in and then “took a coat hanger and attempted to self-abort her pregnancy.”

No no no no no no no, coat-hanger abortions are ridiculously dangerous. Here’s a quick anatomy lesson:

Illustration of the uterus and vagina, courtesy Gray's Anatomy via WikiMedia.In order to feed the vampire fetus, the uterus quickly builds up a sponge of blood vessels along its inner wall. It requires a big supply of the necessary materials, and fortunately the huge artery that feeds the muscles in your leg runs nearby. Whatever your sex, have a quick glance down at your pelvis: notice there isn’t much room down there, so despite the diagram above that artery is within an inch or so of the uterus.

A coat-hanger abortion tries to take advantage of this. The idea is to gently scrape at that sponge of blood vessels in the uterus, causing a few to cut open and bleed, then run to an emergency room. Fearing an ectopic pregnancy, the doctor would perform a surgical abortion on the spot.

Slight problem: this technique was invented decades ago. Nowadays, instead of jumping on an abortion they’ll stabilize the patient via transfusion and whip out the ultrasound machine. If they don’t discover a smoking gun in the form of a torn-up fetus or uterine wall, they’ll rule out an ectopic pregnancy and do what they can to control the bleeding. If that’s light, no abortion is necessary; if the bleeding’s serious, and the fetus is past the ever-creeping viability line, they might try to save it via a cesarean or forced birth.

It’s very easy to trigger life-threatening bleeding, unfortunately. The thick spongy bed of blood vessels offers very little resistance, and is fed by that giant artery. The uterine wall is also quite thin, making it possible to puncture through and stab at that artery. So sticking a coat-hanger into the uterus is something like trying to take a tumor off your neck with a foot-long surgically-sharp Bowie knife… while blindfolded. While the basics of the coat hanger method are well-known, only the poor would risk their lives with it.

If you are willing to abort that badly, there are websites that offer much safer methods. Don’t risk your life with a coat hanger.

Right, rant over. Back to the story; since it happened in the US, you know what happened next.

Yocca, who is employed at an Amazon fulfilment center, was indicted on charges of first degree attempted murder by a grand jury last week. She was being held at the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center in lieu of $200,000 bond.

Fucking brilliant. We got rid of suicide laws because we realized punishing someone when they were desperate enough to end their own life was an act of cruelty. The anti-choice movement is intent on putting these laws partially back into place, in blind pursuit of their fetish.