Remember that 16 Days of Action Against Gender-Based Violence I blogged about a few weeks ago? The Canadian Women’s Foundation did their part by writing a series of 16 blog posts:

Day 1: Violence Against Women is Not Inevitable
Day 2: The High Cost of Sexual Violence
Day 3: A Walk in the Park
Day 4: Leave? Easier Said Than Done
Day 5: The Myth of Access to Justice for Women in Canada *
Day 6: Why the Question “Why Doesn’t She Just Leave?” Hurts My Ears
Day 7: It’s Giving Tuesday – Join Us in Building GEN1!
Day 8: How SWOVA is Helping BC Teens Develop Respectful Relationship Skills
Day 9: Re-evaluating personal security with the Internet of things
Day 10: Learning to Love Gender Diversity
Day 11: Building a National Strategy on Sex Trafficking
Day 12: Remembering the École Polytechnique Massacre
Day 13: Illustrating How Emotional Abuse Feels
Day 14: How Shelters Help Women Make a Difficult Leap
Day 15: Sex Trafficking is a Human Rights Issue
Day 16: Freedom from Gender-based Violence is a Human Right

I haven’t read them all, but I can vouch for a number of them, like Day 10 and 12. It’s a good way to spend a lazy afternoon.