The French foreign minister has invited Canada to help facilitate the final, crucial negotiations on a global climate change deal this week, a request that hasn’t come Canada’s way for a decade.

A decade, you say?

Also Sunday, in comments made at one session, McKenna said Canada supports including a reference in the text of the final deal to a more ambitious, long-term limit to global warming. […]

McKenna told fellow ministers Canada supports including a reference “to the recognition of the need to strive to limit global warming to 1.5,” as some other countries have said. […]

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, who is here as a member of the Canadian delegation, welcomed the minister’s statement, which also backed an agreement with a legally binding requirement that every country submit targets, report progress on those targets and improve them regularly.

“The whole question of a long-term goals is so critical,” she said.

Agreed, and it’s great to see our country finally taking the issue seriously. The final agreement of the Paris summit still needs to be worked out, but these early indicators are encouraging.