It’s not unusual for me to field abuse like this, although it tends to be more of a constant drip than a deluge. The reason for this latest influx is because I reported a man for directing an abusive comment to me to the employer he had listed on his Facebook account (which also included an assortment of vile racism). The man’s employer elected to investigate and made the decision to terminate his contract. They asked me to share this news with my followers, which I did.

Initial reactions were overwhelmingly positive, but I knew that was unlikely to last. For all the accusations levelled at feminists for ‘trawling the internet looking to be offended’, there is no one more vigilant than the perpetually aggrieved man who feels his freedom of speech is being taken away. It didn’t take long before my page was flooded with men (and some women) leaving numerous comments complaining that I was an “evil scumbag slut whore” who had “ruined a man’s life” and left his wife and kids (he has neither) destitute and hungry before Christmas, and that karma would be on its way to get me.

None of these reactions are surprising. For all their bleating about freedom of speech, these people don’t seem to know what it actually means. It is not the glorious, consequence-free paradise they imagine in which they get to say whatever they like to whomever they like while enjoying the luxury of that person silently taking it with no pushback. For too long, speech on the internet has been consequence free. It has mainly served to support abusive trolls who, despite the frequency with which they appear to be pictured with families, seem to have nothing better to do than stalk women online to try and scare them into shutting up.

Daaaamn. Clementine Ford goes on from there, laying down truth after truth.