Stuck for something to buy this Christmas? The American Association of University Women has you covered. I mean, how cool is stuff like this:

Manufactured using 3-D printers, Makies are totally customizable dolls that are created uniquely for their owners. The newest line from the British toy-maker features a more inclusive range of dolls, which can now be purchased with walking canes, hearing aids, glasses, or facial birthmarks.

Jewelbots are more than just pretty pieces of wrist jewelry. These unique friendship bracelets show girls the fun side of coding. The device harnesses creativity by using basic engineering logic, allowing girls to program their bracelets to do just about anything they can dream up, from lighting up in different colors to sending messages to friends nearby. (Note: These items are available for pre-sale and will be shipped in spring 2016.)

Not all coloring books are created equal. The Badass Feminist Coloring book celebrates 40 modern-day feminists and includes bonus essays on feminism. This intersectional feminist tool is a fun, educational way to learn about some awesome and inspiring women.

Hmmm, I’m a few gift cards…