And just when you think the anti-choice movement can’t sink any lower…

On the heels of Texas stripping Planned Parenthood of Medicaid funding on Monday, the state’s Health and Human Services Commission issued a subpoena on Wednesday for the Medicaid records of Planned Parenthood patients who have donated fetal tissue in the past five years.

Investigators with the department are seeking to obtain information from clinics in Brownsville, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas including patient records as well as billing and personnel information related to the donations, according to Planned Parenthood. On Wednesday, investigators arrived at those clinics to serve the subpoenas and demand compliance within 24 hours.

That’s right, anti-choicers are raiding Planned Parenthood clinics in Texas, without reason or investigation, using the weight of government to request confidential patient records and employee details in an attempt to break the law.

This week, the feds informed Texas that it probably shouldn’t try to stop Planned Parenthood from getting Medicaid money because denying people equal access to healthcare might be illegal.

“Longstanding Medicaid law prohibits states from restricting individuals with Medicaid coverage from receiving their care from any qualified provider,” Marissa Padilla, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said in a statement issued Wednesday. “Every year, millions of women benefit from critical preventive services, such as cancer screenings, that Planned Parenthood provides. State efforts to restrict women from using qualified providers puts these important health care services at risk.”

That last article has two interesting tidbits: Texas hasn’t actually stopped Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood, contrary to what their own Governor claims, and

Any Planned Parenthood that takes Medicaid money is not allowed to provide abortion services. Essentially, [Governor] Abbott is celebrating something that might lead to more Planned Parenthoods being eligible to perform abortions.

Whoops. But then again, the anti-choice movement has never really been about abortion.