It’s great when your university does something like this, and I’m proud to be acquainted with the main organizers.

“So many of the sexual assault prevention strategies that we had grown up with … were quite victim blaming,” said program co-founder Emily Leedham. “It’s like you always had to be on the lookout and we just found that really unacceptable, we wanted a change.” The program zeroes in on consent, respect and communication, Leedham said. […]

The program will include workshops, speaker events and improving existing peer support services.

“In three years from now we are hoping to see there is no longer blaming the victims of any sexual assault cases and create a sense of respect and … consent on campus,” [Nanako] Furuyama said.

The program’s official web page is here, while the organizers can be found here and here. I hope it has a big impact.