As always, we need your voice in how this country is run. You’ll need to know where you are voting, what ID you’ll need to vote (don’t worry, bills and tax statements count towards that). You do need to be registered, but you can do that at the polling station and you can pre-check online. Check when your polling station is open, too, don’t assume they’re all alike. If you need to, you can legally demand some time off from work.

Finally, don’t trust what anyone says over the phone.

the elections commissioner found that 27 per cent of voters in one sample received misleading voting information, a snapshot from a Canada-wide operation.

The Commissioner of Canada Elections first concluded in April 2014 that officials in the Conservative Party booked robocalls to voters in ridings across Canada, but did not refer his findings to the Director of Public Prosecutions for review and possible prosecution, despite a clear violation of election rules.

As a result, the Conservatives, [Michael] Sona excepted, were let off the hook despite extensive evidence that they deceived voters across the country.

Trust only the Elections Canada website, and maybe what a local elections officer tells you.

[HJH 2015-10-18: Added a line about taking time off work.]