This seems like a good sign.

Early voting has risen significantly this year in Canada ahead of the 19 October elections, with nearly 1.6 million people casting ballots so far.

Voting numbers show a 34% increase from advance polling in the 2011 election, according to Elections Canada.

This doesn’t.

A man who decline to give his name showed up to vote in Gatineau dressed as a ghost. (CBC News)

Some voters also used the day to call attention to the niqab debate that has dominated much of the election to date. One man from Dorval showed up to vote in a clown costume and claimed he was able to vote without removing his mask. He said an officer asked him to take an oath to confirm his identity.

“Truly sad that I can vote to elect a Canadian prime minister without having to show my face and prove my identity,” said Rafik Hanna.

CHRIST, Canada. Repeat after me: YOU MUST SHOW YOUR FACE AND PRESENT MULTIPLE FORMS OF I.D. BEFORE YOU CAN TAKE THE CITIZENSHIP CEREMONY. What you wear during the ceremony itself is thus completely irrelevant. You are being puppeted around by a corrupt government desperate to hold power and left with no better option than to pull the “racism” card. Don’t fall for it.