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The Conservatives went to great pains Monday to set themselves apart from their opponents on Bill C-24, saying a Liberal or NDP government would allow convicted terrorists who loathe Canada to roam the streets once they leave prison.

The bill, which became law in May, allows the federal government to strip Canadian citizenship from dual citizens convicted of terrorist offences.

Whaaaa?! Mulcair and Trudeau would allow convicted terrorists to roam the streets!! People like this guy?

With its decision to banish 27-year-old Saad Gaya from the country of his birth, the government has made it clear that the new revocation law will apply not just to naturalized citizens but to those born here.

It’s the first time in decades — perhaps in history — that Ottawa has moved to expel a native-born Canadian from the country.

… uh…

Gaya was born in Montreal in 1987. That made him a Canadian. His parents, originally from Pakistan, were also Canadian at the time of his birth. They were not Pakistani.

That’s because both parents had been required under Pakistani law to give up the citizenship of their birth country on becoming Canadian. Both had willingly done so well before Saad was born.

That’s kind of the opposite of Pakistani. Hell, would they even take someone who’s never set foot on their soil? Gaya could easily wind up like this guy.

In documents filed with federal court, Gaya says he is not a Pakistani citizen and has never applied for citizenship from that country.

But that doesn’t matter. Under its new law, the Conservative government does not have to prove Gaya is the citizen of another country. He has to prove to Immigration Minister Chris Alexander that he is not.

Are you FUCKING kidding me?! The Conservatives are making us safer from terrorists by forcing people to prove their own citizenship? Let’s say this person is a full-fledged terrorist (which is easy, because he pled guilty to conspiracy back in 2009); are we really made safer by deporting him back to a country full of extremists? Or are we better off trying to rehabilitate him over here, and demonstrate those extremists are lying when they say we’re incapable of compassion and mercy?

It’s all racist sabre-rattling. And this election is chock full of it.

Conservatives continued to focus on controversial issues of identity politics ahead of tonight’s French-language leaders debate, pledging that a re-elected Tory government would establish a tip line for reporting “barbaric cultural practices” to the RCMP and would increase funds to help international organizations fight against forced marriages of young girls.

Gasp?! Barbarians are in the country, doing barbarian things!! We must set up this tip line immed-

From 2012 through 2014, more than 3,000 people called the RCMP’s National Security Tip Line, but the vast majority of calls — about 92 per cent— were classified as “non-sensical” or “unrelated” to public safety, according to a summary obtained by the National Post through access-to-information legislation.

The tip line, which has been in place for many years, is intended for people with information “regarding terrorism, criminal extremism or suspicious activities which could pose a threat to national safety and security,” the RCMP website states.

But only 266 out of the 3,332 calls received by the Mounties from January 2012 through October 2014 concerned national security, the internal records show. RCMP officials were unable to say Friday how many of the tips led to investigations or arrests.

Oh. So we already have programs in place to handle these “barbaric” things, and they’re so rare they’re not worth following up on. More fear-mongering and racism, I-

A public-opinion poll ordered by Prime Minister Stephen Harper earlier this year found overwhelming support among Canadians for the requirement that women remove their niqabs or burkas at citizenship ceremonies.

People are allowed to cover their faces? During a traditional ceremony?! THIS CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO STAND.

Citizenship and Immigration spokeswoman Sonia Lesage told CBC this week that no citizenship applications have been refused based on the policy introduced in 2011, and only two individuals withdrew from the ceremony because of the change.

Lesage told The Huffington Post Canada Wednesday that the policy affects about 100 women per year.

At a Trudeau event in Surrey, B.C., a reporter noted there have been more than 680,000 citizenship ceremonies since Tories introduced the rule change. He asked the Liberal leader what that statistic says about the impact the debate is having on the campaign.


“This prime minister would rather play up the politics of fear and division, and get everyone talking about anxieties and hot button issues, than reflect on the fact that for 10 years, Mr. Harper has had the worst growth rate of any prime minister since R.B. Bennett in the depths of the Great Depression,” he said.

That was much the same message delivered by NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair, who previously dubbed the niqab issue a “weapon of mass distraction.”

Stephen Harper is using racism and terror to scare people into voting for him. Even fellow conservatives are calling him out.

Former Newfoundland and Labrador premier Danny Williams says some of the tactics of Conservative Leader Stephen Harper are borderline racist.

Williams, who led a Progressive Conservative government in Canada’s most easterly province from 2003 to 2010, launched his latest scathing attack against Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada on Sunday during an interview with CBC News.

He used the word racism in reference to the debate over the wearing of the niqab by Muslim women taking part in the oath of citizenship. Williams said the issue is not worthy of becoming a national issue, but the Conservatives have latched onto it in order to secure votes.

“He doesn’t care if he isolates the issues of women or if he isolates the issue of minorities, and even crosses, possibly, that racism line,” Williams stated. “It doesn’t matter to him. It’s all about getting elected at the end of the day.”

On voting day, remember who the real terrorists are.