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I hadn’t been aware of this.

Now for the fun fact: They used to use a different procedure for [late term] abortions in which they removed the fetus intact and allowed these people to grieve for the intact fetus, have pictures, etc. Pro lifers decided people losing a wanted pregnancy should not be allowed to grieve an intact fetus and we were left with this.

Congrats. Your movement is the reason they use this one now when people lose a wanted pregnancy late into the pregnancy. Your movement is intentionally making it harder for people to recover from the lose of a much wanted pregnancy. It’s your movement who left grieving people with this instead of allowing them something easier to deal with, something that would let them hold their deceased fetus.

Congrats. If you think you were ‘saving’ something think again. You’re hurting born people. You’re hurting people who lose a wanted pregnancy by shaming this abortion procedure. And you’re movement is the reason this is procedure doctors are forced to use now.

Now, I had been aware of this

Intact dilation and extraction (IDX) is an extraction procedure used for a fetus where dilation is done so it can be removed intact. The procedure is used both after late-term miscarriages and in late-term abortions.

… but I had no idea why the procedure was done. Given that it was something like 0.17% of all abortion procedures in the USA, and used less often elsewhere, I dismissed the ban as a mere symbolic victory; instead, it was illustrative of how the anti-choice movement harms people in the pursuit of their fetus fetish, in this case traumatizing those mourning a miscarriage. And they’re proud of that.

Proving to be a huge win for the pro-life community/movement, the decision validated extending protection for unborn babies and women by upholding the ban on brutal partial-birth abortions while allowing the exclusion of a health exception. For the first time, we were able to ban an abortion procedure because of its gruesomeness, inhumanity, and lack of medical necessity.

“Inhumanity?” They should look in a mirror sometime.