Journalists are quite prone to harassment, as their job is both very public yet guaranteed to piss people off. So I was really intrigued by this:

Newsrooms have a responsibility to make the workplace welcoming for all, but also have to tread carefully when it comes to online censorship. Our all-star presenters collectively have pushed back against harassment and abusive behavior through personal essays, reporting, policy research, working with social media companies and building tools. They’ll have an inclusive conversation exploring short- and long-term strategies and resources to make online communities welcoming to all.

The moderator closed by complaining that they could have easily talked twice as long, but what was there was sharp. One thing I’ll remember was that these women couldn’t really talk about the subject. Not because it would bring on more harassment, but when you write for a family-friendly publication you can’t discuss the snuff films nor recorded rapes sent your way. You have to white-wash and water down what you receive, to the point that it seems trivial.

This talk coincided with a new UN report on online harassment, with the ominous title “Cyber Violence Against Women And Girls: A World-Wide Wake-Up Call“. According to it, 73% of women have experienced online harassment; one in five women feel the internet is inappropriate for them; and women are 27 times more likely to be harassed while online. They recommend a mix of cultural changes, monitoring by internet providers via reports or infrastructure, and putting laws in place to punish this harassment. It too comes in video form, with a few surprise guests:

Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn speak at the launch of the UN's report on online harassment. Photo: UN Women/Ryan BrownYep, two of GamerGate’s favorite targets were invited to participate. GG took the news calmly and thoughtfully.

It isn’t about poor little Anita. It’s about poor little Pfizer. Anita is a patsy. She’s a tool. Get everyone to rush to the defense of the damsel, take away the right to criticize and now you’ve got people going to jail for saying anything but “Coke is it! Coke is the best! Disney is the greatest! Nike totally doesn’t rely on third world child labor! Apple is an ethical company!” …

SJWs are useful idiots, savvy at narrative with their communications degrees, with social access to trend setting cliques. Those SJWs are the innoculation against those in the media who might break the narrative.  …

Gamers are the only thing holding the line right now, and I’m telling you, we can’t stop. Because if they win, if they get what they want, they kill free speech. For good. And the foregone conclusion is THX 1138 or Demolition Man. Then we all have to live in the subways, or live like them. And we ain’t got the cash to live in the good parts.

On the plus side, we’ll learn how to use the three seashells.