To my fellow straight white guys, let me say this: You have been pandered to for your entire life. Nearly every piece of media you have ever consumed, from comics books to TV to cartoons, has been tailored made with you in mind as its primary audience.

In fact, pandering to us is one of the greatest driving forces in entertainment today. I’d go as far to say that it’s responsible for many of the creative shortcomings of today’s media.

Pandering to us is the reason that the majority of action, sci-fi, and fantasy movies all star roughly the same character archetype, usually a scruffy white guy with the same handful of personality traits shuffled around. Triple A video games are much the same.

Interesting stuff. I’m certainly not the first to note that regressives project themselves onto progressives: they decry over-sensitive coddlers, then flip out when they aren’t coddled; they argue words are harmless, then cry over the words that label them; and as mentioned behind the link, they decry pandering yet demand to be pandered to, or argue artists should be free to tell the stories they want then complain when those stories deviate from what they expect.

Makes me wonder why drive-thrus ever folded.