Yes, GamerGate is still a thing, and they’re doing all they can to make you forget that. One of their most effective tactics is digging up all they can to discredit those talking about them.

Unfortunately, Sarah Nyberg talks about them a lot. And thus,

Since Sarah Nyberg’s identity was exposed in December 2014, diverse Internet allegations have been made that Nyberg is involved in some kind of criminal & reprehensible sexual activity. I am being vague here because even the people accusing Nyberg of this can’t seem to agree just what happened. Some people say she fucks dogs, whereas others accuse her of molesting children; and some #Gamergaters say it’s both.

There’s no real evidence for any of this, but that doesn’t matter; if you repeat the lie fast and often, it’ll overwhelm the truth. If you attack the people defusing the lie, it’ll take longer for people to see it for what it is. And all it takes is one person blinded by the noise, who acts before thinking.

in the process of researching this post, my name as already made it onto one pastebin shit-list for Nyberg supporters. Other names on that list have received more specific threats about the effect standing with Sarah Nyberg will have on their reputations. Nyberg notes that “if what’s happening to me wasn’t part of an abuse campaign then the people speaking out in my support wouldn’t be harassed and threatened.”

But I think if enough people support her, #Gamergate’s going to find Sarah Nyberg wasn’t the vulnerable target they believed her to be.

Let’s find out.