“We have increased campus police presence on our three campuses, and we are monitoring the situation closely,” said university provost Cheryl Regehr writing in an email to students and staff.

In the letter, Regehr says the university was the target of “anonymous threats made on a public blog,” but provides no details.

However, a later statement by CUPE 3902, the union representing University of Toronto academic staff, said the posts “were gendered threats made specifically toward women and feminists.”

“We can also add that the threats specifically encourage violence and target our members in their workplaces,” it reads. “Specifically mentioned are those working in Sociology and Women’s Studies classrooms.”

Your ideas are so threatening to some people that they’ll threaten right back, with the best tools they have. Others will help them out by deploying excuses like “it’s just a joke!” or “it’s just words” or “person X has it worse, so quit complaining.” The pushback will slowly etch into you, yet few will take it seriously.

Thankfully, there are many ways to cope, and the rewards are worth it. Justice is always satisfying.