Much like atheism, it gets a really bad rap. People don’t understand it, and fear what they misunderstand.

But this is perhaps the most passionate nihilist manifesto I’ve ever seen.

About all I can add is that I hear plenty of people claim to be the opposite of nihilists, to have a clear gods-given purpose to their lives that provides meaning. I have to ask: how confident are you? Because the instant someone says that Allah intentionally leads people away from him, or YHWH was a false false that deliberately lied, you’re confronted with a deep problem: are the gods testing you by handing out false certainty? How would you ever know this? Your certainty of purpose is wiped away in that moment, never to return. And I hate to break it to you, but trickster gods existed long before your god was invented. The ability to have a certainty of purpose vanished well before you were even born.

So it’s less that I view myself as a nihilist, and more that I think we’re all nihilists in various shades of denial.