It’s here! It’s here! It’s almost here!

Monday morning, in Los Angeles on the SIGGRAPH convention, we will launch the Cosmos Laundromat pilot online for everyone to watch!

  • August 10th, 2015
  • 10 AM Los Angeles time, 19h CEST.
  • Youtube launch for everyone!

What’s “it,” though? The Blender Foundation, which tends to the open-source 3D Swiss Army knife known as Blender, does periodic open-source short films as a sort of trial-by-fire for their software. These create a raft of tutorials, materials, new features, and of course cold hard cash. Their latest, codenamed “Gooseberry” or name named “Cosmos Laundromat”, was intended to be their first full-length feature film.

That didn’t work out. Fortunately, they had a Plan B: create a short to pitch a feature. And this Plan C thing, but otherwise that should bring you up to speed.

No wait, no it doesn’t, because you probably haven’t seen any of their previous open-source shorts. Allow me:

Elephant’s Dream (2006)
Big Buck Bunny (2008)
Sintel (2010)
Tears of Steel (2012)
Caminandes: Gran Dillama (2013)

Like what you see? Toss money at them! Contribute some code!

[ HJH 2015-07-10 ] Ah HA, Cosmos Laundromat has arrived! I need to pop in a trigger warning, though, as the short starts with a character trying to commit suicide. If you don’t have the spoons, this link should skip past the most triggering part (and if it doesn’t, scan past the first minute of video). If you do, here it is from the very beginning.