While organized campaigns against feminists are not new, one thing I haven’t seen before is black flag work.

You should all be trolling these groups, and trying to sew discord between them. Easy enough to do, for the higher IQ element amongst us, and extremely personally rewarding in the form of lols. […]

Get into their circles, pretend to be them, cause rustled jimmies. …

For instance, this can be done on Twitter by making a Paki feminist account and then talking about Black rape. Or, you can go the even easier route, and making a tumblr as a Mexican tranny talking about Islam. Or an anti-racist against the gay oppression of Moslems.

Futrelle points to #EndFathersDay as the first instance he’s aware of, but similar things may have been happening since the mysterious “Operation Lollipop” began in 2013. So far, the only people who are falling for it are the bigots themselves, which you’d think would be a clue to pull back and try a different tactic.

I think we should spread around on Tumblr that there is a feminist convention like dashcon.

We rake in the money and the ones who put the most effort into this scam will get a cut of the money. Basically I’m going to set up a fake payment page and we will spread the money after the ‘apparent date’ of the con.

We will send the feminazi’s to a gay bar and we will keep the money to our selves.

If this takes off I will create a tinychat for us to plot and scheme. Get designing art for the selling of the tickets and we will get rich.

What’s delicious is that despite setting up a Tumblr page and website, as well as a number of faux feminists to promote the conference on Twitter, it appears that not a single feminist bought a ticket. Voltaire’s Prayer strikes again!