Naturally, a leading “life” based site has seized upon Dragnic’s Buzzfeed story to praise women who made “the opposite choice, to risk and sacrifice their own lives that their sons and daughters might live,” noting that “any discussion of abortion, particularly one rooted in firsthand experience, is incomplete if it ignores the party it most deeply affects.” This is the almost laughable classic stance. Even if there’s a slight nod to the possibility that sometimes a woman might actually die bringing a nonviable fetus into the world, it comes with the caveat that a really noble and good woman would take the chance anyway. But don’t worry, across the world, approximately 800 women a day die from pregnancy and childbirth complications, so you get your wish, team “life”!

This really is the core of the anti-choice movement. They demand fully-grown and productive members of society sacrifice their lives, sometimes quite literally, so that a clump of cells they’ll never interact with might become fully-grown and productive at a later time.

All over the planet, women are being told every single day that they are disposable. They are being sacrificed at the altar of short-sightedness, being forced to carry out pregnancies that were never ever meant to go full term. And the tragic irony is that many of them are women just like Dragnic, who could, if given the chance, go on to have healthy children later. Dragnic’s two kids are in the world now because of the end of her first pregnancy.