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OMG OMG, we’re about two weeks away from New Horizon’s Pluto flyby! This is the first time we’ve gotten close and personal with a Kuiper Belt dwarf planet, and even if it misses the results are guaranteed to be amazing.

But NASA isn’t playing tiddlywinks until the thing arrives, no ma’am. They’re continually releasing the best photos ever taken of the former planet, and sharing discoveries as they make them. Pluto and Charon are different colours, didja know, and Charon has a dark spot at one of its poles.

There’s a bit to catch up on, and a lot to anticipate. On the latter score, Emily Lakdawalla has your back, via a massive blog post that lays out what to expect, and when to expect it. You want raw photos, shared fresh after their plummet to Earth? Or maybe the forum where fans of the space probe obsess over every detail released? She’ll hook you up.

That just leaves the past in your future reading. The official New Horizons mission page is your best bet for picking up what you missed, though Google will do in a pinch.

So get excited! Firsts like this are pretty damn rare, nowadays.