I first heard of this one via the More or Less podcast. Since it’s all over social media, I’ll fiddle with it a bit so you can’t just Google the answer…

Hanna is handed a novelty sweet dispenser. She asks the shopkeeper how many flavors it contains. “Why don’t you find out for yourself?,” she replies. Hanna presses the lever, and out pops a bright red candy.

“Ah, one of the strawberry ones.”

“I love strawberries!” says Hanna, and quickly chews the candy up.

“Too bad there’s eighteen of them in the dispenser, I rather prefer the other kind.”

Hanna pushes the lever again, and this time a pale green candy pops out.

“Wow, you got my favorite of the two, apple! That’s lucky, you had only a 21% chance of getting that one.”

Hanna scrunches up her face.

“Too sour?”

“No, I’m thinking,” said Hanna between crunches. “Does that count the strawberry candy too?”

“Sort of, that’s for picking an apple candy after a strawberry, just now.”

“Okay.” Crunch munch scrunch. “Then I know how many apples there are.”

And she did. Do you?