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No, you aren’t seeing double. Buried in the comment section of my guest post of the same name is this:

I’ll be back in a week or so with an updated version; the one you’re reading doesn’t incorporate the revelations of the past few weeks, by design.

It’s actually been months. While I was happy to let this issue die out, I recently learned Michael Shermer has been invited to speak at this year’s TAM, after most people thought the speaker’s list had been finalized. Many are pissed off at the bait-and-switch, while others are trotting out the same tired excuses.

Excited that @michaelshermer has been added to the #TAM2015 lineup. Never give in to unsubstantiated slander.

Ah, the ol’ “hearsay” angle. It’s bizarre how Alison Smith’s account is dismissed as “unsubstantiated,” despite at least one witness who was present shortly thereafter, yet Shermer’s account is taken as Gospel, despite multiple contradictions. At the same time, these people see no contradiction in hounding the Catholic Church on the basis of hearsay….

For the closing ceremony of the Catholic Priests Convention, Father O’Shannon said, “Let us bow our heads and prey”. #RealityIsMySetup

Confession Time: Hey Catholic priests, I don’t think “child rearing” means what you think it means!

… Or Bill Cosby.

Some TV shows don’t have enough graphic rape scenes. For example, The Cosby Show.

Some of that may come from a blind obedience to Thought Leaders; some may be due to an inherent hatred of women. Whatever the motive, it’s clear that some self-declared skeptics will toss out all skepticism when their pet subject comes up.

Let’s not do that. Instead, let’s engage in logic and reason even when the results make us uncomfortable. To help that along, I’ll reprint all five parts of my guest post on this blog, with revisions where necessary.

[HJH 2015-07-19] A link to part one might be helpful.