A fair number of people have vocally dropped out of the atheist movement, due to rampant sexism. A much larger number have silently dropped out, and I further suspect that Laci Green was one of those. She used to talk quite extensively about atheism, but a few years ago deleted all of that content and shifted to talking about sex. Admittedly, the shift in content has worked out well for her.

But one of her recent videos earned a double-eyebrow raise.

In this video, Laci Green talks about the nature of racism in 2015. She begins by challenging commonly held ideas about what racism is. She highlights how racist attitudes have created a racist system…which have created more racist attitudes. In order to stop the cycle, she illustrates 6 common ways that racism is institutionalized. Wealth disparities and housing, education, employment, mass incarceration, racial profiling, and police brutality are all touched upon. She ends by calling white America to stop making excuses that enable the past to continue and instead acknowledge the injustice right in front of us.

Her blurb doesn’t do the video justice, it somehow manages to be both comprehensive and a breezy 101 on racism. Go watch it, and despair over another voice the atheist community has probably lost due to sexism.