My feeds lit up a little while ago over this comic, by Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan.

Oh Joy Sex Toy, by Erika Moen and Matthew NolanIt was an excellent read on abortion, and it reminded me of a similar one put out by local pro-choice activists. Filled with nostalgia, I fired up my search engines and went looking….

… and couldn’t find it! Alas, the domain was allowed to expire, archive.org didn’t save the PDF, and for some bizarre reason I couldn’t find a local copy. I hit up my contacts, asking if anyone had a copy. And they delivered. Think Pro Choice, pages 1 and 3. Art by Ben Rankel and Sasha CameronLooking over the handiwork of the Calgary Pro-Choice Coalition again, it reminded me of just how cool pro-choice protests can be in Canada. I’ve seen Optimus Prime hanging out at a local rally, and we’re also the home of the Radical Handmaids.

The Radical Handmaids, at a protest in front of ParliamentI think a lot of this was inspired by the Abortion Caravan. Rabble’s quick summary:

500 activists travelled across the country to protest for two days on Parliament Hill.

80 women donned black headscarves and circled the centennial flame with a coffin and banners proclaiming ‘twelve thousand women die.’

30 of the protesters dressed in their most lady-like attire, complete with panty hose and gloves to infiltrate the House of Commons. Once inside, they chained themselves to their chairs and refused to leave until their demands were met. The activists shut down the House of Commons.

As much as I love a good argument to change minds, it’s protests like these that change hearts.

[HJH 2015-04-22: Changed the attribution, juuust in case some anti-choicers stumbled on this blog and latched onto a few names]