These people are getting slick.

I attended a lecture by a Christian apologist this evening, and he promised he’d take questions from the audience…. via written card or text message. No room for an exchange or dialog, it was all tightly controlled and carefully filtered. Even then, he rambled on a good fifteen minutes per question and wound down the clock.

To vent my frustration at this orchestration, I began texting in questions like a madman. Mr. Apologist only got to one of them, so I figured I’d fling them all of my texts into the internet and see what happens, with some light editing for clarity.

If Jesus absolved us of sin, why [is] there still sin?

How can death for three days be considered an ultimate sacrifice? Sinners endure far more in Hell, after all.

Why should I worship a deity which ordered Abraham to sacrifice his son as a test of faith, when God knew full well Abraham would pass?

Jesus died for our sins, and demands eternal worship for [that]. How is it fair to extort loyalty without my knowledge or consent?

Why is the best record of God’s Word ancient texts that have been translated and redacted repeatedly? Seems an omniscient being could do better.

If Christianity is rational, does that imply Judaism [and] Islam are not, even though all three share sacred texts?

Why are the people joining Christianity predominantly those ignorant of it, while those leaving tend to be familiar with it?

How can secularism chase religion out, when secular states place no religious test on gaining office?

If Christians are confused about [what] Hell [is like], can’t the be [similarly] confused about Heaven too?

Why is it so easy to gain eternal bliss or eternal damnation? The reward or punishment does not fit the effort to earn it.

If the Gospels are so central to Christian faith, [what does it say that] most modern biblical historians consider them fictional?

Jesus’ resurrection is considered the strongest proof of His divinity. So how did Christians manage to lose track of his tomb?

Why does Jesus have such a generic name, given how important he is? Ditto all the Mary’s in the Bible.

I think it’s a decent show for someone who was never a Christian.