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I think it’s common knowledge by now that citations are my catnip. And John Green of “vlogbrothers” fame just tossed all of us a video chock full of them, on the topic of racism in the United States. This is a rather vital subject, as one of said citations lays out.

More than half of white Americans – 57% – think none or almost none of the police in their area are prejudiced against blacks. Just one quarter of non-white Americans feel the same way.

The survey, which was mostly conducted before the shooting of NYPD Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos in New York over the weekend, found similar results on perceptions of the justice system as a whole. While 41% of Americans say the criminal justice system treats blacks fairly, far more whites – 50% – see equity. Among non-whites, that figure drops to just 21%. Two-thirds of non-whites said that the criminal justice system favors whites over blacks.

The only beef I have with the thing is that it’s US-centric; when I get some time, I might try to dig up similar stats from around the globe. Still, the video’s a must-watch.