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It’s rare to see a good description of privilege in the skeptic/atheist movement, so I was pleasantly surprised to have this grace my ears:

In this episode of Life, the Universe & Everything Else, Ashlyn is joined by Laura, Gem, and Lauren to discuss oppression, privilege, and intersectionality, both in society at large and as it relates to the skeptical community, and then the panel caps off the episode with a game of Name That Holiday Tradition!

I’m at a loss for nits to pick; a transcript might be nice, but the show notes contain enough links to satisfy a feline. Maybe some sort of tie-in to entitlement? On second thought, Laurie Penny nailed that one out of the park a few days back, in response to someone else’s defense of nerd entitlement.

Heterosexuality is fucked up right now because whilst we’ve taken steps towards respecting women as autonomous agents, we can’t quite let the old rules go. We have an expectation for, a craving for of a sexual freedom that our rhetoric, our rituals and our sexual socialisation have not prepared us for. And unfortunately for men, they have largely been socialised – yes, even the feminist-identified ones – to see women as less than fully human. Men, particularly nerdy men, are socialised to blame women – usually their peers and/or the women they find sexually desirable for the trauma and shame they experienced growing up. If only women had given them a chance, if only women had taken pity, if only done the one thing they had spent their own formative years been shamed and harassed and tormented into not doing. If only they had said yes, or made an approach.

And the LUEE crew are skeptics, not psychics. They’re entitled to a little leeway.