So this happened.

debate offer from CB

So this happened.

terms of debate

So here they are: (tw: brief descriptions of very disturbing actions)

As a feminist, what ways can we work to break down kyriachical structures that disproportionately cause the oppression of women and girls, such as extreme poverty, debt dependence and homelessness?  How can we reform financial and government institutions to curtail the desperation and powerlessness that can result in exploitation, including sexual exploitation?


Under what circumstances are you a proponent of strictly enforced sex-segregation?  By what criteria is sex determined?


Do you view people who have said something insulting to you on twitter as similar to a father who raped his 3-year-old child, a person who beat his sister nearly to death with a tire iron for being lesbian, and an arsonists that attempted to burn alive a lesbian family?  If they are not similar, how do you ethically justify juxtaposing the images and personal information of these people on Name the Problem?  If they are similar, how do you justify not listing me on that site?

It seems as though she has received a link to these questions.



Message actually received!  It’s like blocking me on nearly all of your social media platforms makes communication difficult.