So somebody, I do not know who, decided it would be appropriate to doxx the crap out of Cathy Brennan.  The twitter account that was publishing the link to the doxx was suspended very quickly, and the pastebin was even removed (something I’m told hardly ever happens, even when several reports are made – similar information about someone I know has been up for years.)

When I found out about the doxx I was actually really mad.  The doxx was not just of Cathy’s contact info (which she liberally sends to everyone and is easily available) but information about relatives and neighbors.

When I saw what the account was doing, I put it on the Block Bot, L1.

I’m going to say this again – emphatically – I do not condone this tactic.  I’ve spoken against it for two main reasons 1) It’s a shitty thing to do and we’re better than that and 2) It has the potential to escalate.  I know that’s really easy for me to say, but even people I know that have been very seriously harmed by the actions of Cathy Brennan spoke out against the doxx of her family members and made reports to twitter and pastebin to get it removed.

I did screw up though.  It would be dishonest of me not to admit that.  Without thinking, I included a link to a link to the doxx on the add when I should have included a screen shot of the tweet that included the link to the doxx so that the link was not live.  However, putting the account on the Bot meant that it would be less likely to be seen by those who use the Block Bot.

Well, Gender Identity Watch (GIW) apparently decided that me putting the account on the Block Bot was evidence that I was conspiratorially spreading the information around.  They accused me, as well as others whose names they also practically pulled out of a hat, of being behind it.

From the GIW website:

On one level, it made me feel a little better about my mistake of not using a screen shot instead of a link – because the GIW article actually included a link to my tweet with the link that linked to the pastebin that included the information.

Guess I’m not the only one who was being absent minded about something serious.  But I suppose, if I wanted to be snarky about it, I would accuse GIW of being part of a mass conspiracy because *evidence*.

(And, by the way, the accusation of me being involved in the doxx is false – but it isn’t libel.  To claim libel there has to be damages.  For there to be damages, someone whose opinion matters to me would have to believe them.  No joke.)

The article, of course, caused a few twitter terfs to come after me.  One of them linked to the article (I can’t see those tweets now, so I think the account is gone) – and I was pretty pissed.  She also referred to me by my first name.  In retrospect, I should have realized it was probably Cathy Brennan, but there is really no way of knowing.

sorrycathyBecause I didn’t show sufficient empathy for what had happened – the terfs accused me of being heartless.

Now, this is the ONLY reason I’m writing about this.  THIS is the disconnect I want to point out.  Some unknown person does to Brennan what she habitually does to others and I’m getting told that I’m just not sensitive enough about this, literally while I’m reporting the incident to pastebin.


I mean – why not just come out and say it?  Y’all don’t give a flying rat’s ass about the lives and well-being of trans women.

When this happens to them, you do not care.

Where the hell are you when GIW and Name the Problem does this to other people – sometimes MUCH more vulnerable people?

Where is your fucking outrage?  Where’s your empathy?

How does this work in your head?