A petition for the inclusion of Gender Identity Watch as a hate group gained nearly 7,000 signatures.  Hopefully, this has helped the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) see anti-transgender hatred as a priority.  They will, I am confident, make a judicious decision based on the evidence that has been provided to them and their own research.

It appears that Gender Identity Watch is flailing about the possibility that they will be listed by the SPLC.  From their website:


If the text is hard to read, the picture is a screen shot of the SPLC webpage with the words “Cathy Brennan” and “opinionated female w/ internet access” and “Baltimore” interjected.

Around the same time this tweet came across from a well-known TERF account:


Though they may have been referring to this petition, asking for hosting agencies to stop hosting hate sites; the core of the argument is that political speech should always been defended.

Being a Bot Block blocker, I’ve written quite a bit about the differences between free speech and an absolute right to an audience or a privately maintained platform.

First off, let’s not pretend that hate speech is not also political speech.  Hate speech is often political.

Political speech (even extremely hateful political speech) is protected ultimately by the 1st Amendment as it should be.  That’s why the KKK still has parades and WBC gets to run around and anger everyone.

That does not mean that hate groups should not be closely scrutinized.  But what makes them a hate group?

According to the SPLC: “All hate groups have beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.”

TERFs often attempt to avoid this characterization by asserting that they differentiate between nice friendly transgender women and all those rapist transgender women.


And that’s the difference my friends.  The TERF ideology is about fear.  In classic hate-group fashion, they build up a myth of the evil, violent OTHER who you need to protect yourself from.


popoIt’s likely that this level of hatred is bathed in denial.  Of course they don’t hate transgender women – it’s just that transgender women are invaders, rapists, and aggressors.  Obviously, fighting tooth and nail against transgender women’s self-determination, access to comprehensive health care, and ability to go to the bathroom in peace; is all self-defense against THE OTHER: those usurpers, those aggressive creatures who have the audacity not to conform and defer to our comfort.

And don’t worry, they aren’t above publicizing made-up stories if they don’t have enough emotional porn to parade around to try to persuade you to hate and fear who they do.

From the Gender Identity Webpage:


Yeah – that never happened.  Neither did Jane Doe supposedly harassing students in the rest room by her mere existence.

I think we’ve all seen this before.  And while the TERF crew continue to contact doctors, employers, parents, and who knows who else; accusing their critics of harassment, rape apologia, and being “demented”; and list former names, legal names, photos, internet nyms, and links to facebook accounts of their detractors; occasionally along side rapists and child pornographers.

They maintain a profound lack of self-awareness.



Panty PooPoo “likes” many of Gender Identity Watch blog posts.  Though, I have no idea who Stop Blaming Women or Panty PooPoo is, I do know there is a group of people who support the “trans critical” form of Radical Feminism that is steeped in hatred, fear, and mistrust towards transgender women.

[Edit: Just some quick examples of them working together as a group.  Added for completeness.]

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