So, I went on a bit of a rant – and decided to put it here because the person who sparked my rant-a-nation probably doesn’t deserve the brunt of this one.  He simply brought up “the topic”.


No, the “skeptical community at large” is not threatening her with rape – but someone is. (Maybe? – Chan trolls? Who cares.) Instead, it’s the skeptical community that is blaming HER for the fact that she gets rape threats (to this day), accusing her of being a “professional victim” and a “whiner” and “just wanting attention” if she talks about getting rape threats constantly – questions that it’s even happening, even when it’s documented, becoming hyper-defensive whenever its mentioned, and hating on her for pointing out that Dawkin’s response to her video was just, plain, stupid… stupid….that saying things similar to what he said is now referred to as the “Dear Muslima fallacy“. It’s the skeptics that are telling her to shut up and blaming HER for bad press instead of *the people actually threatening her with rape publicly on a regular basis*.

You know, pointing out any statement she says that is remotely hyperbolic and using that as an excuse to attack her relentlessly…..blah de blah blah.

There are internet personalities who constantly dog her, as well as some others, constantly showing up whenever her or they are involved in anything – calling her names, accusing her of all sorts of character flaws, making shit up about her or believing essentially anything that is made up about her (like taking a practical joke out of context and making it look like she’s a sociopath)….and a few of them CLAIM TO LOVE THE HELL OUT OF DAWKINS.

These aren’t just random one-off, say something intense to get a rise out of people, and leave type of trolling.

Yet, Dawkins says nothing and does nothing – because (I don’t know) if he acknowledge the truth, what is happening, what I see with my own eyes (and that’s just what I happen to come across on public spaces) he might have to admit that *SOME* of his fans are assholes.

Can’t have that “irresponsible messaging” now can we?

It’s not that people think that skeptics “at large” are making the more vulgar threats (that is something difficult to show because they are usually anonymous – but they sure seem invested, dotcha think?) – they are just doing jack and shit about it – and instead are refocusing on HER and any imperfection she may have, calling her hysterical, hyper-sensitive, etc – instead of the REAL problem which is that treating someone in horrible (and sexist) ways is not taken seriously; and those who CAN do something about it – don’t.

The problem is that when Dawkin’s reads his hate mail – he is labeled brave. When female feminists read their hate mail – they are drama queens, professional victims, and they just can’t take criticism.

The problem is that THE most popular atheist on YouTube graphically depicted rape to a rape survivor in order to make some sort of point about “trigger warnings” because he decided (despite all evidence to the contrary) that rape induced PTSD doesn’t exist; and not only did he not take a significant hit in subscriptions; he has MORE now than he did when it happened – now up to about 400,000 subscribers. What does he do on his channel? Yell at a camera about how “stupid” other people are….it’s asinine.

Yet, the LEADERS – the people in charge of national organizations – publicly blame women for speaking out about their treatment instead of the people who are actually the frickin’ problem.

Because if they told the men to shut their traps and behave everyone would be screaming about FREE SPEECH and the thought police. Tell a woman to be quiet, and it’s just a mutual love of peace and quiet from her screeching face.

Em rght?

Now that the complaints involve not just the threats of rape, but an alleged honest-to-goodness in-real-life rape as well as years-long sexual harassment from two prominent individuals; true colors are starting to show.

Many, even a few that have been hyper-critical of feminist skeptics and free thought folks, are taking the allegations seriously, genuinely concerned about how these issues have been dealt with by the powers that be.

I imagine that somebody out there is actually doing research about these topics, as if it is something you can actually learn about.

Others, simply don’t want to believe it.  A few are taking the hyper-skeptical stance, but are avoiding making counter-claims of any kind; except perhaps that being raped is an “extraordinary claim” like big foot or alien abduction.

And others are still frothing at the mouth, relishing the opportunity to demean, attack, and dehumanize any woman who has the audacity to not take full responsibility for how others treat her, to refuse to remain silent, and to give a shit about herself…all while making conspiracy theories up, forwarding wild conjecture, in the same breath as accusing others of being irresponsible for entertaining the idea that other people are not liars who are plotting against the patriarchs that loom above us, obviously beyond reproach.

…but how dare anyone remain anonymous to avoid retaliation for reporting rape.  THE SHAME.