Can men fully participate in the atheist movement?

This is a question on everyone’s minds.  There are many theories as to why men do not contribute equally to the atheist movement.  Some evolutionary psychologists have suggested that they are simply less rational than women on average due to the need for their brains to evolve to be optimized for fighting each other and for killing small animals during the Paleocene.  Others suggest that men are simply socialized to be less skilled at consensus building and tasks involving language; and that they prefer hierarchical structures.


Please leave your comments below concerning this on-going debate:

Darline Janson:

It’s no wonder some men don’t want to be involved considering the inappropriate messaging coming from certain male bloggers.  I mean, I know they are experiencing things and have opinions about stuff, but to actually talk about it publicly?  That’s going to turn men off.  They should be more responsible.  How are they ever going to fully participate without adequate self-censorship?

Penelope Morning:

They represent so much mission drift.  I mean do you know how much time some of the extremely popular male YouTube atheists spend talking about NOTHING except anti-feminism?  I mean, atheism is a lack of belief.  You shouldn’t be required to buy into anti-feminist or MRA dogma or Objectist libertarianism or hate-on Anita Sarkeesian to be an atheist!  This unholy focus on telling feminists to shut the fuck up or calling them sexist names or stupid is keeping us away from other more pressing matters, like whether or not there is a Tea Pot in the sky.  I mean, they can constantly criticize feminism on their own time.  How dare they bill themselves as atheists and talk about something other than epistemological philosophical naturalism!  It’s infuriating.  I mean, with one of these guys ‘atheist’ is part of his NAME!  They are hijacking the movement and I won’t have it.

Ingrid McDay:

Let’s be honest.  These guys tend to stay in their little world of hard sciences and are not very well-rounded intellectually.  I mean, mathematicians making social commentary?  Reductionist much?  Half of them don’t know their Max Weber from their Max Planck.  It’s no wonder they don’t fully participate, they just don’t have the chops.

Rose Liam:

Toxic masculinity is a serious issue with a long cultural history.  I’m absolutely committed to acknowledge that history and work toward gender equality.  I just hate it when men tell me that I can’t understand what it is like to BE a man and that they have some sort of special monopoly on knowing what it is to be a man, present as a man, and live socially as a man.  Did you know that someone actually pointed out that I was a white woman once?  How sexist!  How racist! What alternate universe do they live in?!

Chad Gallo:

Did you know that there are men in this world who live in horrible conditions?  There are boys conscripted into military service at very young ages and even sold as slaves!  I saw a TV special about it once.  These spoiled ass men just talk about their own problems!  How can these men go on-and-on about gender equity in family law or parity in prison sentencing?  Whiners don’t know how good they have it.  Circumcision?  Who the fuck cares?  In some regions of the world they cut it up the middle.  I read an article about that on the internet once.  They are just a bunch of drama king dicks.  I’m a man too, so it’s totally cool that I just said that.  Those guys do not represent me!!!

Pam Guess:

I just wish so many of them didn’t constantly complain about getting death threats.  Do you know how many male bloggers and speakers publish their hate-mail all the damn time?  One guy even read it out loud as some sort of performance piece.  A male speaker was actually offered a security guard at a conference once because of an e-mail?  How sexist!  Women aren’t offered security guards in those situations.  This is how men are infantilized in our society.  An E-MAIL!  It’s the internet people!  How thinned skinned can these worthless delicate flowers be?  I tell them that they are doing stuff wrong ALL THE TIME and they just won’t do what I say.  They ignore me!  I get blocked all the time!  Censorship feeds their hive-mind.  COWARDS!!! If you can’t take criticism get out!  We don’t need you!  You just want to be treated like children.  Man up assholes.

[I have been advised by friends to make it crystal clear that this is a satire.  I’m aware that the straw-feminist is strong in many people’s perception so: YES this is a sex-reversed parody.  I’m also aware that this could be quote-mined; which would be fucking hilarious.  If this post was just bizarre gobbledygook to you.  Congratulations – you don’t want to know.  If you laughed and that make you feel a little better in light of the shit that’s been happening.  That’s awesome.  If it make you angry or defensive, you might want to ask yourself why.]