“And, yet, when [Serena Williams] plays the game she gets, in return, not only stalkers, but criticism that suggests that, were she to be stalked
again, she was asking for it.”

I think you are implying a cause and effect that aren’t necessarily there. Posting this photo did not make stalkers magically appear.


I don’t see this as a patriarchal bargain. Regardless of how she presented herself – she would be judged according to her looks. She doesn’t invite or dis-invite that – it will happen anyway.

Unless she starts trying to use her sexual capital to win Tennis matches – she is not contributing to the patriarchal idea that women’s sexual capital is their only asset; disproportionately.

She is objectified because she is a woman – not because she took a beautiful picture of herself that she was slut-shamed into taking down.

“But once women appear to have acquiesced to the idea that their bodies
are public property, their bodies are treated as public property.”

No, their bodies are treated like pubic property because society sees celebrities, especially women, as property.

People do not attack and invade someone’s personal boundaries because of WHERE the lines are drawn concerning what is shared with the public freely by an individual; but because those people don’t respect those boundaries at all.

I think a better question might be – why are male athletes never criticized by Sports [bloggers] and Sociologists for using their sexual capital and women are? Why are female celebrities victim-blamed when they are stalked and men aren’t?

Cause I’m pretty sure that nobody is telling Rafael Nadal to put his damn shirt on so he doesn’t attract obsessed fans – cause that would be silly, right?