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shonkey 11 hours ago

How retarded is this? Imagine if we changed the scenario just a bit and instead it is just a white man and a black man walking down the sidewalk. But the white man is afraid of black people because there are high rates of crime in the area committed by black people. Should the black man cross the street to appease the white guy? In this scenario it’s easy to see the prejudice of the white man. But in yours we’re to believe that the woman is a victim? Fuck off with that bullshit. Holy fuck!

That analogy fails. The issue has to do with prevalence, victim blaming and ability.

We’re not talking about statistics. Practically every adult woman in the U.S., who talks to other people, personally knows several people who have been raped. Right now, a good estimate for my friends and family on mugged:raped is about 1:7; so there is that.

We aren’t talking about numbers in the newspaper.

The indoctrination of girls into blaming themselves if they are assaulted is also one of the reasons for the fear of rape.

The message is: if you do [blah] than [you’re just asking for it] and you need to take on the responsibility to not-be-raped; such as: carry a gun, never going out at night, never get drunk, learn martial arts, etc – or you’re “being stupid” – that fuels the fear of rape and that isn’t a feminist idea, nor is shaming rape victims literally to death.

Ability and opportunity is another thing missing from your analogy. Most people are not going to worry in situations where there is little or no opportunity. Someone who is walking at night will see a physically imposing person as more of a threat than someone who is probably an equal match or is not imposing.

I know your solution is that a diminutive person bring an arsenal everywhere so that you don’t have to be bothered to not intimidate him or her – but that’s sort of narcissistic. k?

One of the biggest lies prevalent among anti-feminists concerning rape that perpetuates rape culture, that demonizes men and continues to socialize girls and women into fear of rape; is the idea that rape is perpetrated by a small number of crazy monsters and that attempting to curtail rape is futile.

In reality, girls and women are raped by family and friends – not monsters hiding in bushes – so that sends the message that men generally cannot be expected not to rape and rape is inevitable.

[To the question:]

I also don’t think that going to the other side of the street is a reasonable request, to make someone else feel more comfortable. The better analogy to hitting on someone in an elevator would be walking behind someone late at night. It’s not threatening, but it’s creepy because it can be perceived as following someone. I tend to avoid doing that, as I appreciate when others try not to do that either.

Note: A different comment on this same thread argued that girls and women should not annoy men by being intimidated by rape, because, y’know ONLY 22% of women have been raped.  I kid you not.  The clueless is strong with that one!  Wonder if they play roulette?