This post is in response to an article in the Huffington Post.

This isn’t about you. It’s about a young woman in Tunisia who was forced into a mental institution, may go to jail for 2 years, and is facing credible death threats from Islamists for posting a topless picture of herself on the internet as a protest against the concept of a woman’s body being tied to “honor”. As you well know, in many areas of the world, girls and women who are victims of sexual violence are killed by family members over their “honor”.

How myopic that you think this is about you and your choices – that you obviously actually have being a “Muslim-American”. Ms. Alawa, your privilege is showing.

Amina is a member of FEMEN and they are protesting for her and people like her, so please…”don’t deny millions of your sisters who have fear behind their scarves, don’t deny that there are million of your sisters who have been raped and killed because they are not following the wish of Allah!”

Here is an account of the April 4th protest.