Conversation from here: One of many mindless Obama-sucks style facebook pages.

J: Shawn when you threaten my inalienable rights I feel threatened!!!! And I have every right to defend my rights!!!!

M: I feel that my rights have been threatened in real ways by conservatives that have championed amendments to state constitutions that limit the rights of my friends and family under the law. I think that North Carolina championing a state religion is extremely anti-American. I think that zygote personhood laws have the capability of limiting the fundamental rights of pregnant people and infringe on the fundamental right to basic bodily autonomy.

Even if you disagree with all that – ask yourself this –

If a bunch of gay-rights activists, church-state separation activists, and pro-choice activists started hording guns and discussing “Second Amendment” remedies to the threats to their fundamental rights; would you think that was okay?

Do you think that would be conducive to protecting the checks-and-balances inherent in our governmental structure and be instrumental in cultivating the free market place of ideas and be an example of constructive civil engagement?

Or, would you be more likely to write them off as a mindless mob of thugs who, due to their inability to work peaceably within our political system, have resorted to vague threats of violence?