Okay – so I can forgive Chick Beer if this is purely a “tongue-in-cheek” comment on people calling drinks that tend to appeal to women “girlie drinks” or “chick beer”.  I mean, if you look at Chick Beer’s advertising (of a hunk with a six pack covering his junk) as social commentary – it’s sort of hilarious.

Naked cowboy holding beer

However, they might want to fact check something: “For centuries, beer has been created, produced and marketed by and to men. At Chick, we think that it’s time for a new choice.”

Decades perhaps? A singular century? That would be true.  However, it wasn’t until the Middle Ages that men started to take over (and even then we’re only talking about the West).  Brewing used to be “women’s work” as it was considered simply part of food preparation.

Nowadays you’ll hear a certain faction of beer snobs (I say that in the nicest possible way) blaming the women’s market on the “yellow piss beer” mass-production standards (read that as “other people like it lager”) – as if it’s all our fault.

You know, the mass-marketing that went from “You can drink enough to get you drunk” to “It won’t make you purse your face up in disgust” to “It’s drinkable” to (most recently during the Super Bowl) “It tastes like something” usually with half-naked ladies.


If that’s the case I’ll blame this wave of beers brewed specifically to destroy the palate of anyone who actually HAS taste buds; in order to be used as a measure for the socially reinforced male-typical penchant for self-harm if you actually drink it; on men.

You know – like blaming “sour candy” on 10 year olds.

It makes me want to market “Dude Bro Beer” – a dark rye smoked IPA with bacon and cayenne, with an ABV of 16% and 500 IBU with 1200 Calories and a mouth feel reminiscent of pancake batter.