Just sharing a rant that I had after watching this:

Okay – if this doesn’t ENRAGE you – you do not know what racism is.

You’ve probably never seen it. I mean, certainly it doesn’t exist in your world. Nothing is racism to you – nothing at all. In fact, white privilege doesn’t exist in your world and the biggest problem concerning race in this country is that non-whites want a free ride. I mean, YOU don’t mean to be racist or anything, but those non-whites just want *stuff* they want everything HANDED TO THEM and (in your world) that’s reality. White people in the U.S. are the “makers” and those non-whites are the “takers” – but y’know – you aren’t being racist or anything!

The proof is there. I mean, THOSE people didn’t vote for a presidential candidate who joked about the bump in the polls he would gain by being non-white. Obviously they are in denial about just how bad independently wealthy white guys got it in this society – and want a legal way to steal his TV. They didn’t vote for someone who LOST in every single demographic category except for WHITE MEN. I mean, white men don’t just vote for white guys cause their white guys!! Whites don’t do that – BLACKS DO.  Obama could not possibly be the better candidate – white men didn’t vote for him. Obviously, those non-whites just want FREE SHIT – all of those non-whites who aren’t taking responsibility for their own lives are just CHILDREN. Obama rolled back welfare reform and is cutting a check to everyone!! You know cause that TV ad told you so – and there is no possibility that it’s false and you’re insulted that anyone would think that such a narrative resonates with a pervasive racist concept of non-whites that you have in your head. You say that non-whites are children – but you are not racist or anything.

…and O’Reilly….he’s not racist either, I mean he isn’t wearing a funny hat or setting fire to a cross on someone’s yard, so, y’know, case closed!


Yeah, I’m ridiculing someone for the crap they say. And no, I’m not talking about all Republicans or everyone who voted for Romney or everyone who is a conservative. I’m talking to the people I’m talking to – O’Reilly and everyone who doesn’t “see” racism….ever.