Okay, so I liked the facebook page “Binders Full of Women” because it’s hilarious.  I found out that the person who snapped up the page is actually a young man from Canada and he is having a great time with it.

Most of the comments on the page are from liberals and progressive feminists (surprise surprise), with a little dissent sprinkled in for flavor.  Here is a excerpt from a comment by Keating Willcox:

The Democrat party has become the party of death. Killing babies when they are almost born, killing old folks by destroying Medicare and the medical system, and forcing unemployment and austerity to an army of young families.

I responded to him, but did not provide any links to the information I was presenting.  My post was “liked” 30 more times than his was (as of this posting), but popularity doesn’t equate to being right especially within a friendly crowd.

So, I’m putting a challenge out there, to Mr. Willcox and others:

fact check this

1) Late term abortions are not protected under law. It is against medical practice to perform late term abortions on healthy woman carrying a healthy fetus. Late term abortions go through an ethics committee within the hospital. An example of a late-term abortion (the kind that Tiller was killed for performing) is to remove a fetus from the womb who is developing without a brain, because the pregnant woman is psychologically unable to handle being a life-support system for a baby who will never be able to live outside of her. The only politician that I know about who proposed federal regulations on late term abortions was Kerry (believe it or not), but his amendment was defeated by Republicans who passed a bill against “partial birth abortions”. The Supreme Court upheld that ban primarily because those types of abortions were so rare that the bill essentially had ZERO effect (seriously, read the opinions if you don’t believe me).

2) Medicare is not being destroyed. The Affordable Care Act will undoubtedly save lives, especially if the states are on board with expanding Medicaid. I live in a town almost exclusively dependent on medical tourism. If the Affordable Care Act would “destroy the medical system” I would know about it. The AMA has endorsed it. The savings in Medicare that are part of the ACA equation, are not cuts in services and the savings actually prolong the solvency of the Medicare trust fund. Romney/Ryan are the ones that want to fundamentally change Medicare.

3) Romney/Ryan are the ones that are pushing austerity. They want to somehow magically decrease the deficit with cuts in programs, without raising any revenue through tax. Just google, “Mathematically impossible”. I have an average income. I can afford the things I need. If it means spending a little extra in taxes for my children not to have to deal with a large deficit due to OUR failings, that’s okay with me. However, we know that raising taxes on people like me, hurts the economy MORE than raising taxes on higher income taxable entities because when I have money, I spend money. Companies do NOT employ people, customers do. Companies just facilitate the transfer of money from the customer to the employee. “Supply side” economics is widely considered a scam by anyone who is the least bit serious about economics. The first-order effect of lowering taxes is lowering revenues. The second-order effect of also slowing the economy does not predominate the first-order effect and can be lessened by targeting those tax increases in ways that tend to slow the economy LESS. Allowing the debt to remain is not an option. During the Obama administration (if corrected for inflation) the government spent LESS not MORE. The reason we are in trouble is because of the recession. Romney wants to scale back the regulations that were put in place specifically to prevent recessions in the future in order to “grow the economy” – essentially to inflate another balloon that we get to sit around and wait to pop.