This is my reaction to this meme.

It mentions a study where the biological children of heterosexual parents with intact marriages were compared to any parents that have had sex with someone of the same gender….or something.  Here is a real discussion of the study itself.

I suspect that my reply will be deleted from the site.  Here it is.


There are also studies on the same subject that do not show this result. And, after reviewing various studies the APA made this statement:

Now, I know that those who don’t agree with the APA will accuse them of being influenced by the “gay lobby” or other things – and many people have had long technical conversations about various studies – about definitions and sampling techniques and all of that.

However, I think that’s a waste of time really. People are individuals. Running to studies like these to support either side is denying that.

More importantly though, I have friends who have adopted five children. These children were adopted because their biological mother is unfit. She is addicted to drugs and has had multiple partners. The children have three different biological fathers. The children have difficulties from living in an over-sexualized neglectful home, but they are now in a stable family environment with their adopted father (who is their uncle) and his husband of many years. The children have female role-models as well, including a wonderful woman who is also a friend of my family.

Those children are much better off than they were before. Their new home is much better than their previous home.

Yet, Michigan (where they live) felt the need to pass an amendment that limited the legal rights of that family.

I’m sorry to break this to you, but we aren’t making a choice between all families magically living up to your ideal or not.

We’re decided if we want to continue to insist that certain families be considered to have a lower legal status than others – based entirely on gender and NOTHING else.

That’s all. Those families will still exist. Unhappy couples will still be unhappy. Happy couples will still be happy. Families that provide a healthy environment for children will do so, and those that don’t, won’t.

These amendments just make life more difficult for people like my friends and their families. That’s all you’re doing.